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ad[e]Drive is a young, promising startup that literally puts advertising on the road. As the name implies, ad[e]Drive’s new technology and service combine the advertising (“ad”) and transport (“drive”) industries. In addition, ad [e] Drive offers large companies and small businesses attractive advertising space in the form of mobile digital screens, which are preferably mounted on the back of trucks and buses.

The approximately 5m² large rear surface of truck and bus, or their trailer can currently be used with little flexibility as advertising space. Existing technologies such as billboard frames, full-surface paints or foils create popular advertising space, but can only be changed with great effort. This is exactly the problem that is solved by ad [e] Drive technology, which uses e-paper displays.

The numerous advantages of e-paper technology result in a multitude of new possibilities through hardware and software. The advertising circuits can be controlled location-dependent, time-actual and traffic-dependent. Central to this is the communication between software and mobile hardware, which is located on different vehicles. Efficient and intelligent advertising is thus possible for the first time.

Erika Kröpfl-Krause

Managing Director

Martin Lechner

Managing Director

Wolfgang Kröpfl


Franz Krause


Why AED?

Location and time dependent

Advertising can be shown by a GPS positioning system location-dependent and pinpoint.


E-paper technology is the only legal way to advertise on the street.

Readable like a bill

The special thing about the technology is that the screens are readable like bill.


Attractive adverting packages will make advertising affordable for SMEs as well.


The built-in camera makes the advertising measurable. The advertisers are provided with clear graphics and evaluations showing  the use and success of their advertising.

Up to date

The online connection ensures, advertising content can be updated at any time within seconds and are therefore always up to date.


Simple booking system

The simple booking system allows, that customers can design and plan their own advertising. Customers upload their advertisements, indicate in which area they want to advertise, how long they want to advertise, how often the ad should be repeated, and what time their ads should be displayed. The price is then determined dynamically according to duration, location, time and repetition. In addition, customers are provided with clear graphics and evaluations showing the use and success of their advertising.

And already the advertisement is placed!

  • Solitary – Unrivaled

  • Location and time dependent

  • Flexible

  • Dynamic

  • Up to date

  • Measurable


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YIA (Young Innovators Award)

24. September 2018|0 Comments

We were able to present our start-up as part of the “Leobener Logistik Sommer” to the “Young Innovators Award” of a high-ranking jury.

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Trade fair pavilion TRA

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The presentation of our innovative AED screen at the trade fair pavilion at the TRA Vienna 2018 / Interactive Zone met with great interest [...]

Go-live of the AED pilot screen

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Go-live of the AED pilot screen. In the successful pilot phase, more than 120,000 km have already been driven under harsh environmental conditions. First renowned [...]

TRA Vienna

01. February 2018|0 Comments

At the invitation of the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Transport (BMVIT) and aws (austria wirtschaftsservice), ad[e]Drive was present with its AED screens at [...]

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